Audacity toetscombinaties

In goed Nederlands: Audacity keyboard shortcuts dus.

Hoe ging dat ook al weer, een label toevoegen en selectie van cursor tot en met track begin? Als je Audacity een poosje niet meer gebruikt hebt, helpt dit kaartje je weer op weg.
Dubbelzijdig printen, bijsnijden, en dan in driëen vouwen.

Download: Audacity keyboard shortcuts (PDF 230kB)
Audacity keyboard shortcuts

Dem bones (not the song)

Yeah, just when things got interesting I broke my collarbone. Being an allweather biker for over twenty years I reckoned something like this could happen someday. That day was yesterday.
The pain is bearable, there’s enough things to do to do BUT any tinkering. Which will not be possible the coming weeks…


Status 9 april, btw that is is a comminuted fracture. Then again, an opportunity to get to know Dicom better. The (Open?) Digital Imaging standard used at the local hospital. With Osirix, an open source Dicom viewer, you can view your X-ray images on your Mac too ;-)

Organizer drawer


Waiting for the RepRap Cartesian parts being delivered, completed today my first 3D object, an organizer drawer :-).

The Blender crash course, that is tutorials, found at, starting with the 608 Bearing tutorial was very helpful.