Digital Storage Oscilloscope on iMac

HantekDSO Qt4.png

For the few who consider using a USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope on Mac OS X. The Voltcraft (i.e. Hantek) model 2090 DSO can be used on the Mac in combination with Oleg Khudyakov’s HantekDSO (Linux) software.

Having KDE installed anyway, here is an example of what KDE looks like on the iMac.


Syscompdesign has a simple DSO and OSS software that works on OS X. The 2MHz bandwith I consider too low for my use though.

In search for other suitable DSO’s I found none other. What I did find was the HantekDSO package from Oleg K. This opens up the Hantek (Voltcraft and the like) DSO for use under Linux. In short, I managed to compile HantekDSO under OS X (10.5.7) and tested it with the Hantek 2090 (40Mhz) model.
Load firmware using fxload-osx (built with xcode):

2012-05-02 installation details for HantekDSO 0.5.4 (on OS X 10.6.8)
2019-01-24 HantekDSO 0.5.4 Qt4 port (OS X 10.11) on GitHub branch qt4

$ sudo port install kdelibs4 kdesdk4 kdevelop kdevplatform qt4-mac glib2 libusb ## dependencies
$ tar xvfz HantekDSO-qt4.tar.gz
$ cd HantekDSO-qt4
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
# Load firmware:
$ ./fxload-osx -t fx2 -I DSO2090_firmware.hex -s DSO2090_loader.hex -D 04b4:2090
# run HantekDSO:
$ open ./