Calibre splash screen

As more and more e-books become available, it is time to set up an ebook library. The first open source alternative found, Calibre, turns out to be very useful and also does it connect to my (Kobo Glo) e-reader.

A great advantage of a DRM free epub book is the ability to correct typo’s!

This is my (diacritics and typo’s) patchfile (ZIP 25kB) for Jean Luc Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation.

The patchfiles were created with Unix diff:

$ cd ~/Documents/SAS/text
$ for i in *.xhtml ; do diff -BrupN $i  ../../SAS ORIGINAL/text/$i > $i.patch.txt; done;

Example script, used here to create the SAS epub after text correction:

# create epub (zip) file from files in directory
# <a href="https://www.webvivant.com/zipping-epub-files.html">https://www.webvivant.com/zipping-epub-files.html</a>
# 2013-03-23 JvO, new script
# destination file
FILENAME="Simulacra And Simulation - Jean Baudrillard"
zip -X "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" mimetype
zip -rg "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" META-INF -x *.DS_Store
zip -rg "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" images -x *.DS_Store
zip -rg "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" toc.ncx -x *.DS_Store
zip -rg "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" text -x *.DS_Store
zip -rg "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" content.opf -x *.DS_Store
zip -rg "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" cover.html -x *.DS_Store
zip -rg "${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}" cover.jpg -x *.DS_Store