Audacity toetscombinaties

In goed Nederlands: Audacity keyboard shortcuts dus.

Hoe ging dat ook al weer, een label toevoegen en selectie van cursor tot en met track begin? Als je Audacity een poosje niet meer gebruikt hebt, helpt dit kaartje je weer op weg.
Dubbelzijdig printen, bijsnijden, en dan in driëen vouwen.

Download: Audacity keyboard shortcuts (PDF 230kB)
Audacity keyboard shortcuts

Random wallpaper from pictures and subfolders

The OS X desktop changer does not follow subfolders in the image source folder. Since SnowLeopard the Screensaver will use the images in subfolders but the Desktop changer will not. As a workaround you can create a folder with links to all images, including images in subfolders (recursively).
In System preferences set the Desktop changer to point to the folder with the links as image source.

Here is a shell script that will create symbolic links (in ~/Desktop/Wallpapers) to all pictures (in ~/Pictures) recursively: wallpaper_links.command

This Python script will show the path to the current image:

A simple Time Domain Reflectometer

Time Domain Reflectometer PCB Component side

I built the simple signal generator described in Electronic Design. The same circuit you find on ZL1NC and epanorama. Together with an Oscilloscope it can be used to find a cable fault as described in this All about Circuits article.
The 74AC14 SMD is mounted on the board its trace side. All other parts are through-hole. Most parts were salvaged from old electronics. You can adapt the PCB to your needs.

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