Raspberry Pi Hometheater

Raspberry Pi Hometheater

I was a happy user of the first model Apple TV. Then the iTunes ecosystem grew bigger and bigger. On top of that the new Apple TV is cloud- or network-based only. Not all my music can be found in the cloud, and I prefer it nearby, i.e. without the need of access to some NAS or other PC in the network. So I switched to a Raspberry Pi model 2B and 500GB harddisk in combination with Kodi.

Recently I upgraded this box with the model 3 Pi. Here follows the configuration.

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Organizer drawer


Waiting for the RepRap Cartesian parts being delivered, completed today my first 3D object, an organizer drawer :-).

The Blender crash course, that is tutorials, found at rab3d.com, starting with the 608 Bearing tutorial was very helpful.