Random wallpaper from pictures and subfolders

The OS X desktop changer does not follow subfolders in the image source folder. Since SnowLeopard the Screensaver will use the images in subfolders but the Desktop changer will not. As a workaround you can create a folder with links to all images, including images in subfolders (recursively).
In System preferences set the Desktop changer to point to the folder with the links as image source.

Here is a shell script that will create symbolic links (in ~/Desktop/Wallpapers) to all pictures (in ~/Pictures) recursively: wallpaper_links.command

This Python script will show the path to the current image: tkWallpaperCurrent.py


Dem bones (not the song)

Yeah, just when things got interesting I broke my collarbone. Being an allweather biker for over twenty years I reckoned something like this could happen someday. That day was yesterday.
The pain is bearable, there’s enough things to do to do BUT any tinkering. Which will not be possible the coming weeks…


Status 9 april, btw that is is a comminuted fracture. Then again, an opportunity to get to know Dicom better. The (Open?) Digital Imaging standard used at the local hospital. With Osirix, an open source Dicom viewer, you can view your X-ray images on your Mac too ;-)

OS X Toetscombinaties


Een beknopt kaartje met handige toetscombinaties voor de enthousiaste Mac gebruiker.

Download het PDF document OS X Toetscombinaties (PDF 690kB) Bij voorkeur afdrukken op stevig licht gekleurd papier, bijvoorbeeld Store papier Promail color A4 120g/m² zachtgeel bestelnr. PROC794.


Snij twee centimeter af van de bovenkant van het gevouwen kaartje.