OwnCloud Dropbox alternative on a Raspberry Pi


Create your own Dropbox-like solution with a Raspberry Pi and the OwnCloud open source solution.

OwnCloud creates a folder on your computer the content of which will be automatically kept in sync with both the host and all of your peers when files are added, removed or edited.


I was happy with SparkleShare but granting access to a third party was cumbersome due to the key, generated on the other party side, having to be sent to me. Next I had to manually add the key to the SparkleShare server authorized keys list. OwnCloud simplifies this by using a server-side certificate. Also OwnCloud’s web-interface offers much more functionality than the SparkleShare-dashboard.

OwnCloud 7.1 has been installed following the RPi help instructions.

For now Apache and Nginx are used as I have yet to figure out how to have openbookmarks and Owncloud be serviced by the same web server. It may be so that nginx is best suited for the RPi, according to this Apache vs nginx post.
Without having removed SparkleShare, its dashboard and the NodeJS server, the Pi’s memory usage increased from 25% to 35%.

To create a signed SSL certificate, I used the free statssl service.